Wednesday, June 01, 2005


IT'S TOUGH. IT'S EXPENSIVE. IT'S SCARY. IT'S EXCITING. IT'S INSPIRING. I've made the decision to purchase my first home in Orange County, California.

Those of you familiar with my company: MeadeFirst may be surprised to learn that despite helping many first time homebuyers and first time property investors, I'm currently a renter (I even cringe when I type it). Personally, I've used all the excuses: income not stable enough, not sure about the future, just plain scared...

I believe there's a unique moment in life when one decides that failure is not an option. The word itself, is removed from one's vocabulary. I also remember an interesting quote from a friend of mind; it seems particularly important here: "You never really make any money until you have a mortgage payment."

Also, there's the logicical side of things. While being a business owner means paychecks are irregular, for over the past 2 years I've paid nearly $1400/mo to rent -- and I've never been late. To those of you out there in similar positions I pose the following question: What are you waiting for? I asked myself and I couldn't come up with a real answer, so here I am.